SEO Interview Questions For Intermediate

To qualify an interview for SEM professional you have to undergo in single rounds, multiple rounds of interview plus you have to qualify written test consist of objective questions. Most of the companies first take aptitude test and shortlist candidates for technical round. An ideal candidate must have both technical and deep knowledge of related job profile.


1.What are the advantages of SEO?
2.What are the disadvantes of SEO?
3.What is black hat SEO? List 5 black hat SEO techniques.
4.List 6 important website parameters for onsite SEO?
5.What is the difference between direct and indirect link?
6.What is the recommended length (in characters) of the Title and the Description tags?
7.What do you mean by SERPs?
8.What do you mean by keyword proximity?
9.What do you mean by keyword stemming?
10.What do you mean by cloaking?
11.What are the different ways of link building?
12.What is google cache?
13.What is Spider?
14.How to create site map?


1.Why is SEM gaining popularity?
2.What is Web Analytics?
3.Name 3 popular SEM discussion forums?
4.What is Alexa ranking?
5.What is META tags?
5.What is the difference between Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing?
6.I have been hearing a lot about META tags lately. What are they?
7.Why has my website dissappeard from search engines?
8.My website has never been visible in the search engines.


5.What are the advantages of PPC?
6.What are the disadvantages of PPC?
7.Which is the most popular PPC program today?
8.What is the meaning of CPM?
9.What is a landing page?
10.What is Mod_Rewrite module?
11.can you create RSS feed for blogger?

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