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Now a days everyone wanna make money online in front of computer, There are so many way to make money online. As you know that from long time people are using Google Adsnese to make money, but not getting too much earning and traffic because Google Adsense earning is depend on traffic of blog and website, some of people know that this is a Google ads and they don't make a click there.

When i was first time in this industry i made lot of click on Adsense each day, whenever i saw that Make Money Online ads i used to click there because i did not know this is a ads, lack of knowledge about ads, i used to click more and more. for just earning money online, after all i leaned about it and i made own blog to share knowledge and make money through Adsense.

So, let's learn about Google Affiliate Network which is great way to make more money with your websites and blogs. If you are owner of blogs and websites then you can make money with just 3 steps.

1. Go to Google Affiliate for Publisher and sign up, During sign up you should have Google adsense account PUB ID and Adsense eMail ID. Click on Sign UP 

 Yes, I have an Adsense Account 


 Submit & Continue. After that you need to fill information about your site or blog then Submit.

After 2-3 working days Google Affiliate Network team will reply you about your Application. It's Approved or Declined. Mostly Applications get Approved :-)

2. After got Approvel just Sign In with your google adsense account info and search Affiliate Network and Apply for approvel. Then you will get code to place on your site or blog.

3. When blog or site visitors/readers make a click on Affiliate Banner > Go to Affiliate Site and Purchase any Products whatever Affiliate sites are sells. then you will get commissions in %.

If you have shopping, product review, product information blog or website you can earn more. So, don't wait for anything try to luck and sign up now! & Starting making $$.  Good Luck :-) 

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